Avast antivirus is blocking ue4 windows exe

Hey guys, Yesterday I installed 4.18.3 update, built a windows exe and sent it to a client. Unfotunately she e-mailed me a screenshot from her avast antivirus message back. It says: “the file could be dangerous and will be send to the avast virus lab.” My client wasn’t happy. Have you experienced the same? What do you think is the problem?
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It is not problem for Epic to solve, they cannot fix it. Instead email avast, find their viruslab or support email and let them know.
Last time i checked (similar false positive) it was kind of epics fault, they glued together multiple exe files inside bigger one, and antivirus scanners do not like such multiple exe objects in single file, so they report it as virus. Then it is enough that single major antivirus reports it, and others will pick it up and add. Usually it gets fixed after day or two.

So email avast about possible false positive (add “false positive” in subject), they will react faster to it.

PS. you can also upload that file to virustotal, and see if others detect it also.

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I stopped using Avast some time ago exactly because it was interfering with UE4.

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