Avalonplay - Social Platform

Greetings Great People of the Unreal Community!

I have been working on a project with the goal to help gamers and game developers, our result, a social platform we call Avalonplay.
We have a feature in our project which allows users to create a 3D Virtual Character to represent themselves on their profile, we simply call this the Avatar System, we developed this via UE4 and we have plans to extend this feature into another future project.

I’m proud and excited to announce that we have launched our Kickstarter!
Check us out, and feel free to share for support!



A lot of users are going to love this!

Very exciting Henry!! If possible, can you provide more information? Is registration completely free or is it something based on subscription? By the way i clicked on create a new account but it said registration is closed. I then tried to sign up for the newsletter but didnt find it anywhere.

Me and my friend once had this idea to create a social networking site for gamers but we didnt had enough funds and Kickstarter is not available on my country. Now am so excited to see something much better is coming! :smiley:

I am one of them. :smiley:

Certainly! Registration will be completely free, there will be no subscription once the site launches, there is however, an Kickstarter exclusive reward that will permanently upgrade your account starting from the $50 pledge. This upgrade will display a cool little title by your name, early access to future projects and 1,000 complimentary rubies(virtual currency) monthly. You can also gain access to our upcoming beta launch by pledging just $1!

Hi Henry,

Since this project is not directly related to Unreal Engine and its a work in progress, am moving this to Off-Topic discussion.

No worries!

Looks cool. What’s the URL?