Avalon/Pype Integration

Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce that Pype- open source post-production pipeline based on Avalon has now support for Unreal Engine. It is still on basic level but nature of Pype/Avalon allows rapid expansion based on needs of your particular pipeline.

Pype allows you to manage asset families across multiple DCCs, like creating version of model in Blender, riging it in Maya, exporting it to Unreal Editor and so on. We currently integrate Maya, Nuke (with Hiero and Nuke Studio), Houdini, Blender, Blackmagic Fusion, Adobe Premiere and rendering using Deadline and Muster. With our Ftrack integration Pype can be used as an alternative to existing Shotgun features in Unreal Editor.

We currently support working with Static Meshes in Maya/Blender. We would like to add support for rendering using Unreal Engine and connect it to more applications. Pype and Avalon are open source projects and welcome any code contributions / ideas.

You can follow us on GitHub:


More about Avalon:

Thanks for your attention.