This is the project I am currently working on. Featuring a science facility in a frozen planet. Culmination of a project that I initiated a couple of years ago.

Your thoughts are welcome.


Here are some shots of the interior structures :slight_smile:

edit: added video

Here are some shots of the interior structures :slight_smile:


Avalanche effect was created using particle systems, some of which have collision in order for them to slide along the surface of the mountain. Your comments are welcome. I will be wrapping up the scene by joining both exterior & interior elements into a final video.

Hi all,

I just finished recording this video that captures the entire scene. Music, sound, camera movement are WIP. Avalanche effect was improved by adding shape variation to the falling snow and large falling ice in the summit.

Here are some areas that I intend to improve:

  • Some lighting seams
  • Adding triangles to surfaces that look to low poly.

Any other thoughts are welcome, especially regarding pacing, composition, and camera movement.

Nice work, interested in seeing how this progresses. Keep it up. =)

Think I remember seeing the start of this on the Polycount forums. Still looks excellent. The only comment is there doesn’t seem to be enough snow that avalanches down and doesn’t leave any behind either.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: . I got side tracked from this project for the next couple of weeks. I’ll post an update once I start finalizing the scene.

Ghiest, I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll increase the amount and add some animated meshes. This way its not just particles that are pushing the effect.

Final Video & Screenshots

  • Thanks for watching.

Looking good. =) How did you handle the lens flares if you don’t mind sharing?

Wow, great Work and pretty Nice lightning setting. Whole scene Looks fantastic, hopefully we will see More on this Project…thumbs up!

Hi Jon, for the lens flares I used particles. Three layers of sprite particles. One for the bright center, and two for the outer glows. The material is very basic, it just uses pixel depth so it fades out with distance from the camera. The material property " Disable Depth Test " is unabled. This way geometry does not overlap it, the only issue with this is that the lens flare also is visible behind walls. Therefore at this moment the setup is purely cinematic.

Screens are attached :slight_smile:



Thanks! Right now I’ll be preparing this scene in order to submit to the marketplace.

The terrain looks excellent, but man it bothers me to no end that its snowing inside in that video :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the snow falling in the foreground or the snow that is coming in through the broken walls. There is a opening in the ceiling where the snow is entering the scene. The issue in the video is that the opening in the ceiling is not revealed so it may appear as if the snow has no source. Does anyone else feel that is the case?

I feel even though you don’t see the opening it would be easy to assume there is one? Maybe that detail doesn’t need to be explained in the video.

Thanks for sharing! I ran into the exact same wall in the past with my own attempt. I was hoping you may have succeeded where I failed. Works well for screenshots or controlled videos though, as you suggested. =)

Awesome !!!

Thanks everyone for the support and constructive feedback. I’m very happy to announce that this complete environment is now available at the Marketplace!

I have really enjoyed working on this project since late 2011 and I feel privileged to be able to share it with you.

Kind Regards,
Julio Juarez

Greetings! I’m very excited to announce a content update for the Polar Sci-Fi Facility! (4.12) It includes new meshes, textures, materials, and map! This update showcases a new unique sky that is developed using a multi-layering technique that adds depth and richness to the vista. Using actual meshes for the objects that are at a great distance, while not compromising on performance. This setup allows you to customize every element of the sky, including color, clouds, stars, horizon, sun brightness, sun position, and more via material instances!


Watch Video:

Thank you!