Autumnal Throne - UE5 Environment Design

Decided to show this off its part of a larger game environment I’m working on in my off-time.

Hope you all like it!

Here’s the ArtStation link: ArtStation - Autumnal Throne (Updated) - UE5 Environment Design


Greetings, @Riley1389; I hope you’re doing well! Your environmental design, “Autumn Throne,” is absolutely breathtaking! Purple is my favorite color, so seeing your creation embracing it in various shades is very therapeutic. :star_struck:

How long did creating this particular part of your game environment take? Will you share other environmental parts in future updates? :grin:


UP, nice nice concept geometries from Greek/Maia/random ruins ruins a with master statues in purple cherry blossoms rain an unknown trea throne king

add a court of kneel bowing knights slepp inside a tree instead of statues move the statues up and make them bigger and put a stellar carpet with a small pedestal with an object to pick pup in front of the king and get read off the brown ground you put purple plants in it add some half-transparent animation fluttering around the trees a mini animation a pixel ghosta tipe whit som some wild animal roming araund


Greetings @Riley1389 !

I’m not an expert on all things arboreal, but the alluring, purple flora reminds me of wisteria. The Autumnal Throne is a striking monument ensconced in a vine-covered, towered ruin, where it seems a renowned figure, representative of wisdom, sits regally on hallowed ground.

I imagine that during the autumnal equinox, with the sun shining directly through the tower, the people gather at the base of the throne for reverence, celebration, or adoration for good fortune. The long, climbing vines symbolize the search for knowledge, as the people built the biblical Tower of Babel in similar pursuit.

Forgive me if I am asserting a meaning where the intent is something different. Art celebrates multiple perspectives, as there are a multitude of ways to see and interpret the world around us. :wink: After seeing this beauty, I anticipate the revealing of the larger game environment!

What are your plans once your environment is fully realized and completed?


Oh of course, plenty more scenes, I will be happy to post them!

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Wow a beautiful description!

Personally it was designed as the root of corruption took over a manipulative ruler and from the body of lies grew something beautiful.

But I certainly love the interpretation!


Hi there @Riley1389,

Hope you’re doing well and having a great week so far.

What a genuinely gorgeous environment! I doubt this is inspired by the tree in Crystalsong Forest from WoW (my favorite area in the game!) but it definitely reminds me of it. This is obviously even more fantastical and beautiful but whew - what a hit of nostalgia. Being that this is part of a game you’re creating, I truly cannot wait to see the rest of it. Do you have a trailer or any details you can share with us at the moment? Because I’m hooked already! :slight_smile:


YAY! I can’t wait to see them; no rush, of course! :partying_face: :grin:

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Thank you @Riley1389 !

Now that I know the purpose of the design, I am even more intrigued!

Your creative description reminds me of the movie Ferngully, where the manipulative and toxic entity, Hexxus, was subdued by the forest fairies. They encapsulated him within a large, otherwise fruitless tree. After this, the barren tree began to sprout flowers and other green flora. The forest fairies saved the forest from his pollution-heavy influence and the balance of nature was restored.

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