Autosaving steals window focus when editor is in background

Win 7 64 bit, UE 4.8

When editor is in background, auto saving will steal focus and bring program to foreground.

Interesting! I’ll try to ‘catch it in the act’ and see if I can screen cap it. I have my windows taskbar set to auto hide, I wonder if that causes different behaviour.

Hey Hyperloop,

Thanks for reporting this issue you’re experiencing with the editor. I have set my editor to frequently save every minute and minimized it. Once it began saving, I did not notice that the saving took focus over what I was currently working on. Would you be able to provide some additional information, or perhaps take a screen capture of this happening?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Thanks Hyper,

Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Any additional information that you can provide will be extremely useful.

So it actually will steal focus twice: once when the little autosave warning pops up in the lower right corner, and once when this progress bar appears.

I haven’t tested this with minimizing the editor - I typically alt-tab between programs. I’m not sure if that may be why you weren’t able to repro this.

Steps to repro on my end:

  1. Alt-tab to a different program with UE4 open
  2. UE 4 will take over the screen again when autosave dialogue comes up.

Hey HyperLoop,

Thank you very much for providing this information. While I was not able to reproduce this saving focus issue on my computer, I did see that there is currently a bug in referred to as UE-14805 which states that focus is returned to the main Editor window upon saving, and it’s a request to remove that feature. It hasn’t been worked on yet, and does not have an estimated time frame. However, feel free to update this thread anytime you have a question on the status of this report.

Have a wonderful day!