Hi everyone, I’m working on a university project and I’m trying to upload it to Google Drive. I’m having an issue with uploading my files, in particular the auto saves. I’m wondering, now that I’ve saved the map and main file, are the auto saves redundant? What I’m wondering if I can delete them without destroying the level?!

On another level the game files are the only thing in my Google drive and it’s saying I’m using 14.99GB but when I check the game files are only around 7GB?! I had other things in there that I’ve deleted but it’s still too big?? not sure why.

You can delete the autosave, backup, logs, screenshots and video folders in your saved folder. The autosave and backup files are mainly here to restore stuff when you have deleted something. :slight_smile:

You can omit the Intermediate and Saved folders when uploading to Git or Cloudstorage. If you have C++ in your project you can also omit the hefty database file VS generates

Turns out the trash was full on Google Drive for those wondering, I didn’t realise once you delete them GD saves a copy in a trash bin. This is what was filling my GD.