Autosave in background & Crashy as all hell

Here is 2 things that really wind me up about the engine, the first is the random crashing, usually when editing landscape splines but it does happen throughout normal use. I crash at least 5 - 6 times in a full work day and have lost in total weeks worth of work from them so far. I would use auto-save but…

Auto-save needs to not interrupt with my workflow, I have to turn it off because when it does auto-save, I’m sat here for 5 minutes watching a progress bar and can’t interact with the engine at all.

Finally the amount of times the engine just sits there, not responding to clicks or doing much of anything. I need to know whether the engine has hung up or if it’s actually doing something.

Being in software development I know how unhelpful “but it crashes randomly” is, but someone at Epic needs to sit down with the engine and really go through and find these crashes because it really detracts from working with it. I know a well known competing engine that also begins with U is actually more crashy than UE4, but many of the other in-house or commercial engines and even Unreal Engine 3 wasn’t as crashy as this.

-which engine version?
-post your log file which gets generated after the crash -> documents/unrealproject/yourproject/logs
-what are your PC specs?
-report your crashes on answerhub -> :slight_smile:
-C++ or blueprint project?


As Fighter5347 has indicated, it’s best that you submit a question to AnswerHub to obtain optimal assistance. There, we can focus on your issue directly. Please make sure you include the version of the engine you’re working on, your DXDiag logs as well as the crash reporter log, or any output logs that you may have that include the error.

Thank you!