Autosave Game Progress when Quitting Game then resuming when playing game again


I am looking for some advice regarding Saving the Players Progress (in Blueprints) in my Game but doing so when the Player selects ‘Quit Game’ (UI) the Characters location is saved across any Map.

Then for instance when the Player wants to play the game later, the Player can select ‘Play’ (UI) and pick up from where they left off without having to Load the game.

Thank You

In order for that to happen, you have to save the game on EndPlay. What kind of data do you want to save?

I’m wanting to save the Players’ last location within the Map. For instance if the Player was near a Tent but started from around the Lake, then the ‘Load’ would be at the Location of the Tent.

In that case, you can save the Player’s Location in a SaveGame object when the game ends. Given that it’s simply a Vector, it’ll be relatively simple!

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Do you have any questions about that?