Autosave annoyance

I will at times save my project, and then alt+tab from the editor for a long period of time.It seems that every time when I come back to the project fresh, within 15 seconds it will force auto save even though I’ve barely been able to touch anything within that tiny window. It’s very annoying having the autosave triggered by time like this, even if no changes have occurred.

You can set the autosave time delay in Editor Preferences :wink:

I know the feels. I once got stuck in an auto-save loop because the auto-save hadn’t finished before the next one kicked in. Now that’s annoying…

will be a good addition if that can be done without freeze the editor, in low priority.

No can do! Because while the saving is in progress, you could then make an adjustment. When saving you want to save the state as it was at 1 exact moment in time.

when you save its right, we are speaking about autosave.