Autorigging help!

Working on a school project and I have a character mesh in Maya that I’d like to be rigged and animated there, but I’m pretty awful at rigging and don’t have the time to rig and skin the whole thing myself. I’ve been looking into autorigging programs, but they’ve been either outdated and don’t work with Maya 2016 or I can’t figure them out at all. I have Advanced Skeleton, but I can’t really figure out clear instructions on how to use it. Most video tutorials have been unhelpful, and their own documentation even worse. If anyone has any tips or know of some user friendly programs, I’d love the help!

I can’t help much more than this but If the character is biped humanoid then you should be able to easily make a rig with HumanIK.
As for skinning, I bet in the amount of time you’ve spent trying to find an automated solution you could have skinned the mesh.

Have you tried this: