AutoPlay: UI Automation tool (support selenium)

Hello! Already release first version of my tool for UI mobile automation.

Link to GitHub: AutoplayAutomation (Alexey Bedunkevich) · GitHub

On youtube you can see how it works.

Platforms AutoPlay support:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Simulators (disabled right now)

What AutoPlay can do right now:

  • Inspect game scene
  • Manage game on real devices (install / uninstall, start / stop, etc)
  • Reporting
  • Run tests in CI like Jenkins
  • Execute selenium tests

In case with the full support of WebDriver protocol, you can use any Selenium Based library or Frameworks. And write test on any programming language (Java, C#, python, etc).


Inspector provide way to inspect current scene on mobile device, get locators, text, etc. This information usable for writing Selenium tests.


Samples: GitHub - AutoplayAutomation/Autoplay_Samples

AutoPlay support Selenium, it means you can write usual UI tests which simulate user experience. Implement use-cases, run it and collect reports.

For Example:

//JAVA CODE (you can use any which selenium support)
WebElement elementName = driver.findElement(By.ID("COOL_ID"));
//Get Element text
String text = elementName.getText();
//Click on Element;  


Reserved for updates

Very cool tool, I am looking forward to checking it out!

did anybody try it with 4.21 ?

apk fails to load in mobile bcz of the plugin.