Autonomous SimRacing

Project introduction

Hi everyone! I would like to show you a very exciting project I’m working on called Autonomous SimRacing. It’s a racing simulator, but instead of controlling a car yourself, you’ve got to write a software that will control it for you. To help you do this, there will be a set of challenges for you to complete, so you can learn basics of self-driving cars. After completing them you will be able to create a basic version of a self-driving racecar! Then you could submit your project for a review, to check if your car can drive on a completely different track that you tested it on and that it can avoid other cars. Then your car’s time will be added to a results table and it will be eligible to participate in a race. Races will consist of 6-10 cars and will be streamed on Twitch or YouTube. For more information please visit my website, you’ll find the link below.

Your opinion is needed

I would love to find an investor for this, but I need two things for that to happen: a prototype and proven interest of potential users. I’ve already got a simple prototype, the video of it running you’ll find below, now it’s just a matter of finding people that think this project is interesting. I would love to hear your opinion about this, either here or through a website contact form or you can even write me an e-mail.


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]