Automove camera if no input after X seconds


I’m trying to get the camera to automatically start moving after a given number of seconds if there is no user input. However, I cannot seem to get the set timer node to start. Does anyone have any advice for working with timers? I thought maybe instead I could just save the current time to a variable and then check it X seconds later and if the current time is X seconds greater than the previously checked time, start moving but havent explored this option as using a timer seemed like a more elegant solution.

Ok, I’ve figured out how to delay the camera move, but now I have an issue where a delay doesn’t seem to be working. I’m trying to have the auto-move on the camera start slowly rather than all at once but the delay in my loop doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas? It was creating an infinite loop somehow when the delay was at the beginning of the loop, so moving it fixed that issue but now the delay doesn’t seem to work at all.


Edit, how do I set the pitch?

In case anyone is interested in the future, I’m going to continue to update this as I figure it out. Any feedback would be great :slight_smile:

I have a turntable control setup (basically the camera orbits around a central point), and want to have the camera rotate on its own if there is no user input after X seconds and to reset the pitch. I’d like to do these gradually. As in, gradually go from 0 rotation speed to X rotation speed. And gradually go from the current pitch to another pitch value.

I’ve found that delays don’t work well for this situation and thought to try timers. They get me closer to my goal, however, don’t seem to work exactly as I thought. I was hoping to put one into my loop and then it would run the function once then hit the next index of the loop and pause as needed, but instead it only runs once:


Now I’m playing with Timelines. At this time, I don’t see them working but am still learning. If I could run a custom curve that would be great, problem is, I don’t know the value of the keyframes in the curve. If there was a way to modify that on the fly it would be great!

Welp, I figured it out. Here is my solution:


It seems that you have to assign the current rotation to a variable so that as it is executing, it is pulling from that instead of the actual rotation that is still updating. Still not 100% clear on how the RInterp To node works but this is the solution I’ve been looking for.