Automotive Materials issue

I downloaded Automotive Materials pack and tried launching it in Unreal Engine 4.13.1

But when the loading process reaches a 94%, engine has crashed without any error messages or memory overdrive.
Prompt please with what it can be connected. It have the minimum hardware requirements?
My configuration:
CPU - AMD Athlon 7850 Dual-Core 2.8 GHz
RAM - 4 Gb
GPU - GTX 650, 2 Gb

Hi Enkel,

  • Can you post your full dxdiag here so I can take a look?
  • What steps did you take to add the Automotive Material to your project or are you creating an automotive material project?
  • Can you post your logs here?
  • Do you get a crash callstack?


Automotive Material is downloaded as a separate project. I downloaded it from the Marketplace through the Launcher


Hi Enkel,

The materials in the Automotive Materials pack are extremely resource intensive. Your PC does not meet our minimum recommended specs of at least 8gbs of RAM. More than likely, this is what is causing the error you are seeing to occur. If you have a second PC available with 8gbs of RAM, please try to open the project on it and see if the same error occurs.

Same happens to me. 16GB of ram. Has to be something else. Only project to crash on loading so far.

Hi there, i think it’s the memory too. From what I saw and understood in the logfile, your windows needed 16777216 bytes and looks like it was not avaiable on that moment.

[2016.10.05-20.28.35:857][ 0]LogWindows:Error: Ran out of memory allocating 16777216 bytes with alignment 0

I had a similar problem sometime ago but it was because i was using a defective memory on my pc, it can be the same thing, or another program who is using a lot of memory in the same time you’re opening the project. I would try open the project in another PC and see what happens. I hope it helps!