This car i would like to sbmit in the marketplace but i have a few questions.

  1. I´ve read that you have to offer a pack of 5 assets. So would i have to make 4 more Cars?
  2. Has the car to be rigged?
  3. Do you think its good enough and people would buy it?

Those are very cute.

is looking good … but sure 5 cars in pack :slight_smile:

Love the pixar style , great work

I think yes but i am not sur. Maybe you can add 4 more same car with different look (Sport, 4x4, Familly and one car with litle more detail (polycount) etc…) i don’t know.

Will be better for you and buyer

I think yes of course.

Nice work, i like the artistic style.

As for submitting it to the marketplace i would recommend having 5-10 different vehicles obviously using the same artistic style but each with it’s own ‘personality’ - A truck, a wagon, etc.