AutomationTool was unable to run sucessfully!


i still tried to package my project but always i get the error that the AutomationTool was unable to run sucessfully.

I also updated my VS2015 and installed C+±compiler also if i don´t have C+±scripts.

Until now it doesn´t works and i don´t know what i can do next.

Pls take a look on it and help me out of it


P.S.: errorlog added


I forget to say:

packaging for Windows 64-bit


  • Are you able to package a clean, blank project successfully?
  • To clarify, does your project contain any C++ code? If so, are you able to compile it successfully in visual studio?

It wasn´t a problem of my project, or better to say it was only the “-” in the name.
It was shwoing me a fault of the file and this VS file couldn´t works with a “-” in the name
so i could fix it this days.