AutomationTool terminated with exception (trouble packaging)

Howdy! I’m trying to package my project so I can share it and so forth, and I’m hitting a wall.
I’m specifically getting an “AutomationTool terminated with exception” error. I’ve done some research and this seems to be a common enough problem, but I have yet to find a solution.

The end of the log, where the error occurs.

I tried making a new project and it packaged fine. I tried removing the Saved, Intermediate and Config folders from my current project, but it hit the same error. I tried copying the Config folder into a new project, and that packaged fine. So I made a new project and copied all of my current project’s content into it, thinking that would solve things, but it did not.

So, now I’m wholly stumped.

I’m working in 4.13.1, and while the majority of my project is blueprint-based, there is a tiny bit of code, just enough to earn it a project in Visual Studio. Any help is appreciated.

Hello Cinebeast,

Any time you see the error about Automation Tool failing to complete successfully or anything of the sort, this is just a message saying “Something went wrong” and doesn’t give any details. The details of what happened should be further up in the log. Could you provide the full log file? I’d also suggest using Ctrl + F (Find) to search for the word Error and/or Warning. This, most of the time, should be able to point you towards where the actual issues are.

Oh! Mea culpa.

Here’s the full log.

Poking through it, I see a lot of repeating errors for various little things, but none of them cause problems in the editor, so I don’t know how to fix them. Hopefully you’ll see something I’m missing.

I forgot to mention in the main post: I’m packaging as a Shipping build for Windows 64-bit. I tried Development build and 32-bit, but ran into the same problem.

Thank you for jumping on this so quickly.

It looks like this same error that is repeated multiple times is the main issue:

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2016.10.13-14.22.12:035][  0]LogBlueprint:Error: [Compiler BPC_SchoolDio] Error This blueprint (self) is not a TRASHCLASS_BPC_Dialogue_1387, therefore ' self ' must have a connection. from Source: /Game/BlueprintDialogues/Blueprints/BPC_Sch
UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): oolDio.BPC_SchoolDio

This means that one of the nodes in the BPC_SchoolDio blueprint isn’t getting the input it needs. The node is looking to have a TRASHCLASS_BPC_Dialogue_1387 reference given to its input but is set to the default, which is self, while inside of a blueprint that does not inherit from that class. I’m not sure why this isn’t giving an error outright but it’s going to block packaging until its fixed. It also seems like if this node that is giving this error is something that you’ve made yourself, there may be something wrong with the node as it seems to be referring to multiple different classes called TRASHCLASS_BPC_Dialogue_####, which is either unintentional or an odd naming convention.

Those are inherited from a blueprint I bought off the Marketplace. I’ll contact the creator and see if he recognizes the issue or knows how to fix it.

Thanks again for helping out.

After some back and forth with the blueprint creator, I fixed the issue, and now the project packages fine.

Thanks for all your help!

If you don’t mind, could you explain what you did to fix the issue so that if anyone else finds this post, they’ll know how to resolve it?

It’s a bit complicated, but I’ll try.

In case anyone is using Grogger’s Blueprint Dialogues, which is available on the UE4 Marketplace, I ran into a problem creating child blueprints inheriting from his source blueprint. Creating one child worked fine, but going an extra layer deeper and making a child of that child introduced problems when packaging. Specifically, children that override the “Handle Script” function caused issues.

Long story short, I removed the overrides from the second tier of children, so only the first child overrides that function. The second tier, instead, are only used for setting data tables and UI and the like, not for scripting.

I’m crap at explaining it, sorry, but that fixed the issue for me.