AutomationTool fails to copy

InternalUtils.SafeCopyFile: WARNING: Failed to copy D:\alex_DESKTOP-2S9KKJJ_1592\Plugins\KinectV2\Source\ThirdParty\Redist\Face\x86\NuiDataBase to D:\alex_DESKTOP-2S9KKJJ_1592\Saved\StagedBuilds\WindowsNoEditor\KinectDemoRoom\Plugins\KinectV2\Source\ThirdParty\Redist\Face\x86\NuiDataBase, deleting, waiting 10s and retrying.
MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (32-bit)): InternalUtils.SafeCopyFile: WARNING: SafeCopyFile Exception was Exception in mscorlib: Access to the path ‘D:\alex_DESKTOP-2S9KKJJ_1592\Plugins\KinectV2\Source\ThirdParty\Redist\Face\x86\NuiDataBase’ is denied.

I get a bunch of those. Any idea about the problem?

Hello noatom,

It seems like the Automation Tool is attempting to edit these files in some way and is being blocked. Can you check the files that it is mentioning and ensure that they’re not marked as Read-Only? If so, try removing the Read-Only settings and it should be able to access them.

Was this problem ever solved? Setting to Not read only doesn’t fix it.

I had assumed it was fixed, as the user never responded. If you’re still having this problem, what version are you using? Can you provide your log files, in case there are other messages related to the problem.