AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=25?

So basically the project start cooking and stops with that error. It driving us insane since a few versions early it was building alright. But then re open them and compiling give the same cook error.

What is going on ?

Any help will be welcome!

The project is fully made from blue prints, no weird stuff there.
We have try summoning fairies and it does not work. PLZ HELP! Is a game we have being working for about 5 months… The Vr community would love it! And the demo will be free…



Log Screenshot

The Game Screenshot

So Far deleting the main map make it compile again. I will keep updating the progress

I have read many post about cook errors and packaging. This is no lazy posting.Have try many alternatives, like making a new project, shoring the route and names, migrating all with settings and such.
I love this community! And yeah the first things that happen to me is getting mad at the compiler, but is not fair for the developers of UE4 that are doing an amazing job!

So it was font references messing around, basically I just deleted all unused fonts and replaced references with just one font.

I guess EngineFontServices.cpp (line 49):

FEngineFontServices& FEngineFontServices::Get()



 return *Instance; 


Was calling something that did not exits.