AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=1 (Error_Unknown) | BUILD FAILED

Hello and good afternoon community,
it has now been days since I started facing the following problem and am searching for an answer still.
So let’s get things straight and try to be brief shall we?

I have recently been tasked to develop an apk, for Oculus quest 2, that can include multiplayer and of course open and customizable… kinda like I had to make google hubs using Unreal and the Meta friend system.
After some research I found out about the Shared Spaces open project Oculus made (link to yt video) and started researching.
Turns out they have a whole Git distribution of an Unreal Engine (version 4.27) made specifically for Oculus. So I follow along the guide under the Shared Spaces repository and proceed to clone both and install them properly.
(Git Shared Spaces)
(Git Unreal 4.27 Oculus)

Everything works fine until I finally manage to load up the project via Visual Studio, rebuild the lights and try to go for an Android packaging (ASTC).
No matter what I do it will get stuck on:
AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=1 (Error_Unknown) | BUILD FAILED

I don’t have a clue on what to do next, research hasn’t brought me anything on this specific instance. It seems like it can’t read symbols in some specific files, here, take a look:

(Drive to the full Log.txt)

I will now list my system and programs:
*Windows 10
*Visual Studio 2022
*Unreal Engine 4.27 (Git distribution - Oculus friendly)

I have already tried to:
*Re-clone both repositories (multiple times)
*Re-build the whole project (multiple times)
*Fix the files manually (trough properties and code)
*Did the whole DotNet\UnrealBuildTool.exe shenanigan (still don’t know what that was for but was one of the solutions I found researching)
*Went in and manually re-built singular components via Visual Studio (unreallightmass, automationtools, …)
*Re-installed both Android Studio and Visual Studio to check the settings (multiple times)

Nothing seems to be working… please help