Automation Tool Terminated


I am receiving this error. I’m new to using the project launcher and followed the documentation on how to set it up for deploying builds.

Also, i’m trying to understand the difference between using the project launcher and using “File → Package project” Could someone explain the difference and scenarios of when I should use them.

Thank you kindly.

Hi Jeff Racine,

In regards to the first part of your question, what documentation are you following on how to set up for deploying builds and what project are you using -your own or a custom game? Also, to isolate the error, you can package for deployment (say for Windows 64) and copy the entire contents of the Output log. The purpose of this being, when the Automation tool fails, typically the reason is contained earlier in the log

In regards to trying to understanding the difference between using the Project Launcher and using “File → Package project,” you use the Project Launcher to launch on devices for testing (ie. iOS, Android, etc.) and you use package settings to package your game including an installer and/or standalone executable.


Hi ,

Your second answer helped a lot.
I was using it for my own game but looks like I don’t really need it. I thought Project Launcher was a more complete system for packaging your project and “file → Package project” was for quick deployment for testing. After doing more research after posting the question, I realize how much that didn’t make sense.

Anyways, thank you kindly sir.