Automation Tool forces the use of vs 2017 for Plugin Package

I creating a script to automatically compile & package a plugin.
I only have visual studio 2019 installed as it is the only one required to run UE4.25.
When running the AutomationTool, at first, the build succeeds but then, the AutomationTool tries build using visual studio 2017, it actually passes -2017 as an argument to the UBT.
Here is my powershell script.

$EnginePath = "D:\EpicGamesFolder\UE_4.25\Engine" # TODO: Get engine path from windows registry
$PluginPackagePath = "D:\Plugins\Package\"
$pluginPath = "D:\Plugins\Plugin001Something\Plugin001Something.uplugin"
$UAT = "$EnginePath\Binaries\DotNET\AutomationTool.exe"

Start-Process -FilePath "$UAT" -ArgumentList "BuildPlugin -Plugin=$pluginPath -TargetPlatforms=Win64 -Package=$PluginPackagePath" -NoNewWindow -PassThru

Here is my log output: Parsing command line: BuildPlugin -Plugin=D:\Plugins\Plugin001Something\Plugin00 -
I’d really like to know how I can compile the plugin for both editor and runtime through the command line.