Automation Specs don't update with Live Coding

I’m trying out methods of TDDing my project, and I’m running into a major bug with the automation specs. I’m trying to create a code → test → code… iteration loop that I can work within, but the editor isn’t registering changes to my tests without restarting the editor.

When I make a change to an existing automation spec, I trigger a build with Live Coding, and live coding does accurately detect that a change was made and performs the correct incremental build. But, when I get back into the editor and kick off another run of the test with the Test Automation window, the results of the test don’t reflect that any change has been made. Refreshing the test doesn’t fix it either. Restarting the editor does cause the change the register correctly, although this is not an acceptable route for test-driving development. Counterintuitively, when you rename the test, the name change will register the name change by only refreshing the test list… but the behavior is unchanged.

Hot Reload shows the same behavior. Using a non-spec automation test will register changes with live coding without restarting the editor (which is what I’ll be resorting to until I can figure this out). Poking around the forums some, it seems like the trouble is in the direction of nothing causing the spec to un-register and re-register with the automation system. Aiming the debugger at the editor seems to bear this out.

Any suggestions on how to get specs to update without restarting the editor? Without being able to update these without restarting the editor, these specs are unfortunately just about a nonstarter.

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