Automation / Libraries

Hi all,

Extremely new at the whole Unreal world so pardon my basic questions but I am trying to get a nice workflow going. I currently use 3ds max with vray as my render engine.

I doing a test project currently. I am running into some basic things that I am trying to figure out.

  1. Is there a way of making a file that I can use as a template? So for example if I choose 3rd person shooter to start a new project. I go in and disable a few things, make some lighting change, etc etc, I basically get it cleaned up and ready to import my meshes. Is there a way to make that scene my default starting scene for every new
    project? That way I don’t have to do the same cleanup every time I start a new project.

  2. I import some of my meshes without materials, depends on the mesh and if I have attached certain things to it. I build out my materials, lets say a wood floor, carpet, metal, paint etc etc. Again If I want to use these particular materials again in other projects how do I save them as templates or in a certain material library that I can call up
    and use again. I am trying not to remake the same materials over and over again.

I have tons of other questions but for now those are the 2 big ones.



You can always duplicate assets from project to project, but I don’t think you can set a default scene to use for all new projects, you would have to copy over your template map to the new project along with any other assets you want to use.

You could always make a project, name it template, and duplicate that project for other projects.