Automation - Functional Tests - Best way to clean-up after functional/automated test execution

Hello everyone!

I’m new guy in UE4 and unfortunately don’t know the best way to clean-up after test executing.

So far I found 2 different ways to do some clean-ups.

  1. Build-in clean-up with Blueprint called “Quit Game”(created since Kismet), pretty simple way to destroy PIE and start it again over with a new test execution( see the pic ).

  2. Clean a sequence of Actor purging, destroying and removing - more comprehensive way to clean-up after test execution( may crash sometimes if execute several such tests in a row).

Questions are:

  1. Which way to use?
  2. Which way Epic is using?
  3. How others UE4 game-developers are going with this?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards