Automating asset setup using python

I’ve been trying to automate our asset pipeline with python, but I keep running into issues at every corner. Others seems to have run into similar issues before on this forum but I haven’t seen a solution yet.

I have a blueprint class that I’d like to create multiple assets of, I have lists of data that needs to be applied to each asset.
For each asset I need to do the following: [ol]
[li]Set values on multiple variables[/li][li]Add an arbitrary amount of static meshes[LIST=1][/li][li]for each mesh set material overrides[/li][/ol]
[li]Create a directory and save the asset inside[/li][/LIST] My first approach was to create the asset using AssetToolHelpers. I managed to create an asset with the correct class, but I could not edit it in any way.
For my second approach I spawned actors into a map and edit their values there. I manage to edit the variables but I could not figure out how to add static mesh components. I also could not figure out how to convert these actors to assets in the content browser.

Is it possible to achieve what I want to achieve with the current python plugin? And how should I go about it?

I never had an issue with Python API…or may be i had issues at the early days, and limitation too. But recently, since 4.23 or 4.22 and life been good, and i’ve a ton of tools that saved my life and made me progress very fast…seriously!

set values, duplicate assets, add static meshes, override materials,…all that valid to be done via python.

For asset creation, after creating it, try to save it first, don’t leave it dirty.

You can check the free scripts i put in this repository:…cripts-library

The scripts list contains a wide range of ideas, and touching a lot of the editor core parts. It was very helpful for many people to get into editor python scripting. And if you seek more in depth stuff, or to understand everything in a good detailed way, you can check the course linked in my signature.