Automating Asset Export Task


I would like to ask if anyone has a solution to automating static mesh asset exports within Editor Utility Widget by:

  1. Building an asset export task with the static mesh asset as the object to export.
  2. Running Asset Export Task.

I’m currently stuck on building an asset export task; so I’d really love it if somebody could point me in the right direction on setting up an Asset Export Task within Editor Utility Widget?


Here’s what my node graph currently looks like:

i also need some documentation on this topic

What about something like that:


hi~ * What should be the variable type of options

Task is “Asset Export Taks”
Options is “Fbx Export Option” if you export to FBX format.

:slight_smile: Appreciate the reply even though it took a whole year! XD

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I tried to follow the setup but as soon as I try to compile, the compiler spits out an issue I dont know how to deal with.

I also cant create the Object node for “FBX Export Option” as it does not exist in my Engine?
What am I missing?
Currently using Engine Version 4.26

Looks like a bug in 4.26.
I saw a fix in the release notes of 4.27

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Ah, thx for the finding!
I’ll test this later. I read the release/bug notes last week, but didn’t remebred that one :smiley: