Automating AnimMontage Asset Creation

I am supporting a request from our animators to make a tool for generating AnimMontage assets for their newly imported AnimSequences. When I call create_asset for a new AnimMontage nothing is created. I believe the problem is the factory is missing a SourceAnimation or TargetSkeleton asset to build from but I can’t set these protected variables from Python. Any help on how I need to go about creating a brand new AnimMontage would be greatly appreciated.

Current test

unreal.AssetToolsHelpers.get_asset_tools().create_asset(asset_name=‘test’, package_path=‘/Game/’, asset_class=unreal.AnimMontage, factory=unreal.AnimMontageFactory())

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unreal.AssetTools.create_asset_with_dialog(unreal.AssetToolsHelpers.get_asset_tools(), asset_name = "test", package_path = "/Game/", asset_class = unreal.AnimMontage,factory=unreal.AnimMontageFactory())

Thanks for help L1z. I want to create the asset without prompting the user with a dialog. To do that I learned I need to edit the AnimMontageFactory.h and tag the TargetSkeleton and SourceANimation with BlueprintReadWrite flag to allow python to set it.


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