Automatically import LOD and collision meshes from seprate files based on name

No all applications have good FBX support (modo), and by that in not every application it is possible to group meshes and create LOD group to import.

It would be very, very useful, if we could select multiple meshes for import and Editor would recognize if the mesh is LOD or colllision by their postfix and automatically create LODs.

Something like:

Select everything, import and _LOD1, LOD2 are automatically merged to MyMesh_Something as LODs, and _UCX as collision.

Even just adding support to the _LODXX naming in the same mesh, Right now we can do the Main mesh and the _UCX (or at leas that works fine in C4D export) but no the LOD’s.

I was about to post something simmiliar.

In (Dont pitchfork me XD) unity if you export meshes as *_LOD1, *_LOD2 etc they will be imported as Lods for the mesh that has the same name.
(This is actually one of the few things I know about aforementioned engine)

At the moment I have 400 meshes all correctly set up in the browser waiting for their lod’s but reimporting them with the lods seperately would take a long time.
Because it would mean that (in 3dsmax) I need to manually combine each mesh and its 3 lod counterparts in a group and move it all to 0/0/0, rename the group to whatever the mesh its original name was, apply that annoying LOD modifier, create a new set and then export them, probably manually because most batch export tools for ue4 dont handle grouped stuff well.
Not to mention that reimporting an already existing mesh that doesnt contain lods doesnt seem to work all that well either.

So for the love of… kittens, little ducklings and puppies alike…
Please consider this suggestion to be added to the engine.

I agree ! Not sure how hard would that be but it would be so nice to export the mesh with LODs at once , just like the way collision exporting works .

Yup, I am very keen for the _LOD1, _LOD2 etc in the same file, just like in Unity, already have this on the FBX import thread in Answers but that has become a untrackable monstrosity. :frowning:

But I also agree the separate meshes with the name could also work but be a few extra steps.

I like the idea of importing LODs like we do collision data using a postfix), I’m going to make a task for us to try and add that feature! Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks James!

/me sends some cute kittens your way!

Thanks for looking at this! (;.

Hello James,

since I havent seen anything about this on the public Trello section, any update on it?
I could really use the feature! :slight_smile:

Yeeep!! This feature is a need!

Sorry for bumping up this old thread, but is there a feature to this by now?