Automatic XP distributing

Hi I was wondering is there a way to make an experience system that is more like a learning system. I would like to see what would be involved with creating a system like this. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it a lot. I would guess that there would be a requirement to create some form of database to track some of this. So like the first time you try to pick a lock you fail to open the lock or maybe break your lock picks. Second time maybe you take a while but you get it open on maybe the same type of lock. Then you pick another lock and you pop it open faster and every time you do it you get better and faster and lower your chance of breaking what ever tool your using.

Second scenario I am crafting a building a wall and the wall’s total health is 350. You want to upgrade it. When you update it now it is more like 400 to 500 since you have spent time making that type of wall before then now when you create it you get a break on the amount of materials or the wall is as strong as the previously mentioned upgraded wall

I am trying to stay way from the players controlling where points go for SKILLS. They can control the aspects of the health stamina Backpack type weapon type. If you use a bat in the level and then switch to a hammer your melleh skill is not as good because you have not used the hammer as much.

This is all just basic variables. Create in INT for the amount time time you have succeeded or failed at picking a lock then run some basic math to produce a chance of success next time.

Thanks for the reply Trent but can you be a little more specific as to how to go about doing something like this. I am new to the Blueprint and C++. Even if you know of a tutorial explaining part of how to go about doing this? Or what this would be called? Thanks

If you are not sure how to create an Int and basic variable controls then this task might be a bit advanced. You should start with something like the Unreal Blueprint Introduction video tutorials.

There is no step by step tutorial for exactly what you want, you will need to build knowledge and take bits from multiple tutorials to make your own thing.

Once you know how to control variables, just create an experience float or int and add to it each time. Once it reaches the value to level up reset it and start again. Every time you add experience, run a check to see if you can level up.

In the case of your lock picks, every success adds 1 to you int. This might be your success chance over 10, eg. 1/10, then 2/10, etc…

That’s the information that I was hoping for thank you, Trent, for coming back and it explaining it. I just didn’t know what that might be called in order to read up on how to build it and set it up. So thank again for providing the extra information

Virtus Education on Youtube has a great series you should check out. Essentially what you want is a “Scoring system” where They do something successful, they earn a point. So find out how to keep score, then like Trent said, That score should be checked each time you call it, i.e. if the score is > 10 you call Level up. Reset the score for that skill to 0. Set a new target to 20 and do it all over.

Thanks for your reply Kuwanjabee, I did the Virtus tutorials series they are excellent. I believe the scoring system might be the way to go as you guys have stated. I will just have to figure it out now thanks.