Automatic weapons/swipe to aim and UMG

Hi guys. I have a tps setup where I use swipe to aim, left stick to move. Now I want to use a UMG border to shoot. However when I use an automatic weapon it would be nice if I could be able to still aim with swipe while shooting so I could aim. But if I drag my finger out of the border while shooting and then release it, the release does not register. So I have to press the border again and release it.

So is there a way to make the border register released finger even if I release it outside the border? I hope you guys can understand what I mean here. :slight_smile:

Video of my little TPS project:


Maybe someone from Epic could help me here?

I think you can do it by setting up an event tick, with touch location at bottom right, no umg needed.

when player touch that area, your char will start shooting, and when player moved their thumb outside the area, it will stop shooting.

Hi. Thanks for replying. However I don’t want the character to stop shooting when the finger is dragged outside. I want the character to stop shooting only when I release the finger, even if the finger is outside of the button/zone.

Hi, if that’s the case, then I’d adjust my line trace to only fire the weapon when it ‘hits’ the zombies. This way you can still look around and stop firing when you’re not aiming at the zombies/ when there’s no zombies. And, you can still have an UMG button to fire manually available.

That would be like Dead Trigger 2 controls. If I can’t figure it out, Ill have it like that.

Btw it’s not gonna be a game about zombies. Its gonna be something like Galaxy on Fire 2(but 1000 times simpler ofc), but unlike GoF2 you will also be able to get out of your ship. Unreal engine 4 earth shader on mobile preview - YouTube

Yes, exactly like Dead Trigger and their other games.

Another method is, to have it trigger fire when a player tap the right screen, so it requires a multiple taps to fire consecutively, but not when touch+drag. So, guess that also would not fit your needs.

Anyways, good luck with your game!

Cheers RynerAJ. There is still hope someone from Epic will answer. :slight_smile: