Automatic Weapon held and pressed problem

Everything here works as expected, when my mouse left button is held down the weapon keeps firing and if I press it once it only fires once.

My problem is if I’m holding down my left mouse button and my weapon starts firing continuously like normal and I decide to quickly release and do a single left click right as the weapon would begin to automatically fire another round then I can fire two rounds nearly at the same time.
As you can see players can exploit this to fire two shots rather than just one, this glitch however only works if you time a left click right as the left click hold is about to fire its next round and not after it has fired and is on cooldown.

Anyone know how I can avoid this so that if I’m holding how my left mouse button I cannot quickly fire off a single click at the same time?

Thanks In advance =D


use a timer instead of a delay/gate, because timers can be disabled easier.

Oh wow this actually worked thank you so much!