Automatic Texture Tiling to match the real world scale?

Hi guys, I have a newbie question about texture tiling in UE.

In 3ds Max, there’s a modifier called MapScaler, you can tell it the actual size of your texture in the real world, it will automatically adjust the number of tiling based on the size of the mesh.

For example, your floor tile texture is 1 sq meter. If you assign this material to a 1m x 5m object, it will make U tile = 1, V tile = 5.

Is there anything similar like this in UE? Or do I have to create a new duplicate material every time when the tile/size of the object changes?

Thank you so much.

Can anybody shed some light on this, please?

I’ve never looked into it personally, but this exists. Although my guess is there’s no automatic process, I guess you could use texture coordinate nodes if nothing else.

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