Automatic Signing broken?

I’m not sure if it’s bad form to post about 4.25, which is still in preview, but i’m 99% sure this is also true in 4.24.
I switched to automatic signing a year or so ago. It seemed to fix a problem at the time. That project, which I only maintain occasionally, was on 4.21. It was recently upgraded to 4.25. This went pretty well, the editor could deploy direct to device again (something we lost about six months back) but I could no longer direct-deploy from xcode with the attached debugger. I eventually came here, read the pinned post and specified the profile and the problem went away. I mention it here because it’s pretty easy to reproduce, simply build a C++ sample with 4.24, deploy to device with automatic signing, then drop back to xcode and try to deploy directly to iOS from Debuggame or something. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong here (I ended up doing fresh installs of everything and resetting all my dev certs on the Apple developer site while trying to fix the problem) but it could just be me. xcode fails with a message about “not being able to find a profile type for iOS13.4” and an unhelpful suggestion that you try reinstalling it!