Automatic River Flowmap Blueprint/material

Hi all

I’m planning to wrap this asset up and submit it to the marketplace but thought I’d post to see if it’s something that would be useful to everyone here. I don’t see too many water solutions available so want to remedy that.

Here is a quick demo video of it in action. Along with the asset would be a tutorial video showing how to use it and how to make changes if so desired.

It is dependent on distance fields so would be a PC/Mac asset only (ue4 enabled it for Mac thank goodness!

But the upside to that is that the water responds to anything that is part of the global distance field including the landscape and static meshes.

Please leave feedback and any feature requests here and I’ll try and roll them into the release if and when that happens (I’m targeting 4.15).


Yes I Would buy it :slight_smile:

It looks great, if you add the waterfall to the system, I definitely get it.

Ah this is great, I would be interested in it. Do you have a potential price?

Cool thanks guys

I’ve had other people request a waterfall to be added. I should be able to work that into the system. Also someone wanted the ability to paint areas to mask out some of the current to prevent it looking like water was appearing from nowhere which I need to look into.

I had a look at other water systems and materials on the marketplace and they all were all around $40. Since this would be my first asset, I might put it up at $35 and see how it goes. I’m open to suggestions!


Looks brilliant mate, I’d definitely buy this.

Yes, I’d be interested in something like this.

This looks great!

Amazing stuff. Is it going to work on mobile ?

I like it. If I were to place an object (raft, cube, person_actor, etc.) will it have buoyancy with proper physics or will it sink? The reason I ask is: I just finished the rough draft of game progression design. It will use a river, a raft (or some type of wooden boat). The river at first will be very calm, then the middle will be rather rough, the end an ocean.

It requires distance fields which don’t work on mobile unfortunately.

There is no buoyancy system in there. It could be something I add in the future. It it designed at the moment as an artist placement tool and Material that responds to the environment. The good thing is that the mesh is there to do tracing against which could be used in a buoyancy system. The hard part would be if the material is used to do big swelling waves then the shader/texture is not able to be used from the physics system. This means that currently, a relatively flat river could be done but more complicated waves wouldn’t really work.

One question - Can we branch rivers?

Just curious :slight_smile:

This is a similar problem to the road spline problem of joining up things. Since each spline would be a separate mesh, then they wouldn’t really blend nicely. The UVs of the mesh are involved with the material also so having two meshes on top top each other would look a little bit messy Its an interesting problem though and one I want to look into with the procedural mesh component to create branching sections.

Alright interesting and thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yes would be very interested to buy

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m finding all types of blueprints/assets for Oceans/bodies of water that handle buoyancy, but none for a running river. Not really well versed on the visual asset side of Unreal yet. If I were to take your river and bring in someone with some know-how, do you thing it’s difficult to create buoyancy, direction, etc using your asset?

Oh man, I really need this !

Look awesome, welldone :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope see it soon on the marketplace !

The only thing I’d request is the ability to set the speed of the river per spline point, or if it scaled depending on the width of the spline point (for example a smaller width would be faster and it would blend between the other two spline points). I’ve managed to achieve it with a normal material so should be achievable but I know nothing about flow maps and DF implementation (not needed it as yet :P). But if it had something like I’d definitely drop 50 bucks on it.

yes, I’d be interested.