Automatic rigging, skinning and reshaping tool


We have made our automatic rigging, skinning and reshaping tool for download here:

Along with a video of the tool in action:

With the advent of scanning technologies that are increasingly available and cost effective (via the Kinect, RealSense, capture cage, Occipital Structure Sensor, photogrammetry, etc), the ability rapidly transform a 3D model into a rigged character becomes more important.

The tool uses a set of models that are rigged, then a correspondence is found between the models and the scan, and the rig information is then transferred over. The quality of the final rig should be similar to the quality of the rig on the original model. This work is based on our research paper that you find here:


Ari Shapiro, Ph.D.
Character Animation and Simulation Group
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Thanks for posting the great tool! It’ll be also great that kind of technology be integrated into unreal editor directly someday in the future.

Unfortunately it’s not working as expected on my machine. (Maybe I did something wrong)

Not sure what happened there, but we did post a new version that fixes a few bugs; perhaps it will fix your problem as well.
You can download it here:


Ari Shapiro