Automatic removal of static background

In order to facilitate the process of taking turntable objects, a great improvement would be for RC to be able to automatically remove the background in case the later is static (but not perfectly even). This would save the user some time processing the background and remove it in an external software.

This “turntable mode” would basically take all similar pixel of a picture series and strip them out.

This idea comes from this discussion

That would be a great asset!

Thinking about it, maybe it could be done by implementing a minimum distantce between cameras ?

But if they improve the masking tool, with the possibility to mask in 3D and create the mask for each picture, that issue will be covered easily no?

So we could do a first alignment, 3D mask, then recalculate but only with focused points.

Because otherwise this is gonna be usefull only for turntable cases.


Hi aure,

not quite - the described image set did not align at all, or rather with all cameras in one point because the background priovided more / better tie points…

Yes, only for turntables, but those cases are quite common.

Where did you read about 3D-masking and how is this supposed to work?

well, didnt read exactly that, but there are several requests for the ability to mask inside RC. and so i wish they go that way, so it would be very very usefull. (for example for my boat model, it would have been so easier)

For turntable, if we had the ability to “3D mask” (or mask in lets say 10 images, evenly distributed, and then RC could mask same points in all others pictures).