Automatic navigation build for world composition?


I’m currently in the process of setting up automated packaging using a system called Jenkins. Right now I’ve got a build bot that creates a new packaged build and uploads it to our source control. What I’d like to automate as well is building navigation every time we create a new package.

We are using World composition for the project as well so I’d need to have functionality for loading in our main level, load in all sub levels and then trigger the navigation build.

Is this something that’s supported in 4.11.2, and how should I go about doing it?




I have a few questions about what you’re trying to achieve:

  • What are the exact functionalities that you are looking to implement?
  • Are you looking to implement these in the editor or through using the external packaging system?

I’m trying to do all of this via the external system. That system runs everything via command prompt commands (it’s a java based system in windows).

What I’d need the system to do is:

  1. Load up a specified map in the project
  2. Load all sub levels in world composition
  3. Build navigation (maybe lighting as well)
  4. Save the built navigation

I’m currently investigating this issue, and I will respond back as soon as I have information. I appreciate your patience.


I’ve spoken to one of our developers and he provided the following information as far as a starting point goes:

“We don’t have external commands to build navigation, meaning you need to be running the engine to build navmesh. They’d need to implement a commandline that loads the maps and runs something like FLevelEditorActionCallbacks::BuildPathsOnly_Execute.”

Hopefully that will be able to give you a point of reference as far as where you can begin looking to implement your automated packaging system.

Have a great day