Automatic material configuration upon import

I’m looking for a way to automatically configure materials upon import of a mesh. Through C++ code, python code or in any other way.

Basically the idea is to ensure that all textures follow specific naming convention and then have the engine automatically find and assign the textures when the engine imports the mesh and its material.

For example, if the mesh has material “Material01”, and there are textures “Material01_Albedo”, “Material01_Normal”, etc. in this scenario, the import process should correctly assign Albedo to Albedo slot of material and set correct texture flags.

Now, in Unity this can be easily done through C# scripting by implementing AssetPostprocessor ( Unity - Scripting API: AssetPostprocessor ). In Unreal engine I cannot find an equivalent of AssetPostprocessor, there is this thread:
Custom asset postprocessor

But no details anywhere beyond that.