Automatic Gun

Here’s a simple tutorial for an automatic gun:

1: Open your character’s blueprint (I recommend to use the FPS template if you are new)

2: Hop to this area:

3: Create a new Variable, Name it StillPressed? and make it a Boolean type.

4: Add a Delay on the off the script

5: Go back to the Event InputAction Fire, Break the line to Montage play.

6: Hold ALT and drag the Boolean inside the script between the Action and Montage Play. Set the CheckBox to True (Click on it).

6: Hold “B” and Click between the Set and Montage Play. (Creates a branch)

7: CTRL Drag the Boolean inside on “Condition”

8: Connect the Set and Branch, the “Branch True Output” to Montage Play. Connect the Delay to the Branch.

{–Now we’re gonna work on the part when we release the Mouse Button–}

9: Hold ALT and drag the Boolean inside the script near the InputAction.

10: DONT(!) click on the checkbox!

11: Link the SET up with the Inputaction. (Output Released).

That’s it!

Please let me know if I should do more Tutorials!

Thanks man !!