Automatic Cables

Hello everyone.

Made this blueprint for a project I’m doing in my free time and figured it might be desired in the marketplace.

Basically, it creates a group of cables from point A to point B with user variable “tie points” between them. You can change variables like random number of cables in a range, thickness of cables in range, droopiness in range, number of tie points, up to three basic colors with specified number of affected cables, you can implement your own spline mesh and material as well. Cables “droop” in world space, so you can generally rotate the blueprint and shift the tie points around to get some cool results.

This blueprint uses splines, so it can get performance heavy. I would suggest tweaking the controls, hitting the bool option to create the cables, then merging actors to create a static mesh of your creation.

Here’s a gif of some of the variations you can do (sorry for the small size):


And here’s an image of one up close:


Wondering if anyone would like something like this.


Amazing cables

Wow! Amazing cables I will recommend this to my friend.