Automatic alembic importing shows popup - Python scripting

Hey there,

I tried today to import alembic assets with Python. Unfortunatel I couldn’t figure out how to suppress the import menu popup.
What I’ve got so far:

abcTask = unreal.AssetImportTask()
abcTask.destination_path = "/Game/MyDestinationFolder"
abcTask.filename = "My/Import/"
abcTask.automated = True                                               # this should disable all popups


Is there something special with the alembic workflow?
I tried the same with fbx files and it works as expected without windows popping up.

Thank you in advance for your help and time!

In case you find a solution please put this here because all stuff concerning Alembic is like dealing with a blackbox.

I mean a magic blackbox because it seems very difficult or impossible to receive help/information from UE4 dev members.

Alembic support is in the core engine, not in Studio, so this might not be the best place to post.

Thanks @kenpimentel for the info.:wink:

@kenpimentel it would be nice if the Python scripting gets its own thread, or at least a subthread next to c++. I started posting here because python support was marked as a feature of unreal studio.

At this point, the engine has basic Python support. In Studio, there are special functions for dataprep that are accessible in Python, but not from base engine. I agree, that a Python subthread should be started. I’ll mention to team.