Automatic 2D Sprites extraction : nothing

I’m trying the 2D side of UE4, never tried it before. To start simple I want to do a top down “Zelda” map test.
The tileset and tilemap works great but when it comes to the flipbook for Link’s walk animation it gives me the whole image everytime.
This is what I did :

  1. Get a sprite on the web (attached to this post)


  1. Import it and turn it into a Paper2D texture : Sprite Action → Apply Paper2D Texture Settings

  2. Configure the Chroma Key Color

  1. Export the sprites automatically : Sprite Action → Extract Sprites

  1. One sprite is extracted and it is equal to the whole image

Is it me or a bug ?

Hey rXp,

I came across a recent discovery which I don’t see is highlighted in our documentation aside from this line of information with the features announcement release. “Automatic will identify islands of continuous pixels and treat each one as a sprite…”

When you use the Automatic extraction option, your sprite sheet cannot have an transparent background, or they will not extract correctly.

Here is an example of this below:

Non-Transparent Sprites

Transparent Backgrounds

I am going to see if this is an intentional behavior of the extract sprites feature, or if we can enter a feature request to have this added.

Thank you,

Thank you for that quick answer. Could you share the texture you used (tiger) for the animation? The one that works.

Thank you :slight_smile: I hope a feature will be added to be able to autodetect sprite with chroma.