Automated storage simulation

Hello UE community. I want to move from making animations in Blender to making real-time simulation in Unreal. I have no coding skills except a little ActionScript knowledge. Blueprints seem like a fun way of creating stuff so I decided to start learning Unreal instead of Unity.

I am trying to create a storage system that has crates in stacks. A robot will pick either a whole stack or a single crate. Is it somehow possible to map the storage like I have done it? I can have a lot of Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh Components and it really doesn’t affect the frame rate. I was really happy up to this point.

Here are my problems:

  1. I can’t remove points from the vector that I have created. I need to have empty spaces for conveyors and such.
  2. I would like to determine how full the storage is. For example 90% full.
  3. Can my robot pick the crates up or can it destroy them so it seems like it picks them up?
  4. If question number 3 is not possible, can I map the empty spots from question number 2 and populate them with movable objects?

I have watched all of the YouTube content that I could find on this subject. I have also read pages after pages of forum threads and used the search tool. Please help me on this.