Automated installation script for Linux (debian-based)

Hello. Here is my script for automated installation of Unreal Engine 4 on debian-based Linux.

It also supports “enable OpenGL4” feature, making desktop shortcuts and starts engine with the custom arguments after installation.
Tested on KDE Neon 5.20 (Ubuntu 20.04).

Hola, quiero instalar unreal en kde neon, pero no he podido, encontré que dicen que descargar el repositorio desde github pero el está roto.
Me pueden pasar una guía para la instalación?
Muchas gracias.

Hello. At first you should connect your own github account to EpicGames (Chapter “Setting up Git”).
Then you will able to download UE4 sources from github.
See instruction:…low/index.html

Hi! Im not a professional, so… After apt install git-all my Debian 10 go directly to hell. It was remove some Gnome packages…

it is very strange.

I didn’t use Debian10+Gnome on my desktop, and I have no any ideas what is wrong with that package on the same system, and have no ideas how package “git-all” can be related to Gnome’s packages.

I’ll try to check/test it, maybe it is possible to exclude this package from the installation script.

but if problem with that package, it more useful to ask question on debian’s forum.

I’ve just installed Debian10 with Gnome and got the same strange behavior with package “git-all”. I don’t know whats the conflict between that package and Gnome.

I replaced “git-all” with “git” package in installatio script and added extra option APT_AUTO_ACCEPT (by default ‘n’ - no, that means ask for user’s confirmation every time)