Automated Doors

ok so im sharing my BP structure because when im in the dev it it work perfectly slides left even doesn’t open when the door dont belong to me but when i cook the mod and upload it and test it all hell breaks lose the door opens for everyone even if its mine or not dosent work server side client side i can see it but no one else can and instead of it sliding to the side it slides forward and back… maybe someone with a better eye can tell me what i did wrong… im stuck.

i set cast player controller node to set node forgot to attach it but it still dont work
and yes i have set a variable for starting location of the doors

any help would be appreciated

Ok, that’s all a mess, no idea why you’re using input toggles either.


That’s just cleaning up what you’ve done, but as your actor moves you also need to factor in replication.


Something like this, maybe. I don’t know, just throwing out suggestions.

EDIT: You may not need to worry about the events above, try enabling “Replicate Movement” under the replication settings in the Defaults.


ok so i tried the 2nd one and seems to work but the problem im having is once i place the door in a doorway and walk up to it the door dosen’t side from where is is to the left and back it jumps to the right and slide open forward then closes by going back i know its something to do with the location when its placed but im not to sure