AutoMat - Automatic Landscape Material

Automatic landscape material:

Blend type used World Height, Angle Slope, Normal Slope, Height blend, NoiseBlend, Distance Blend, MacroTexture, Splat Mask, RVT, … Triplanar, Paralax & Tesselation enabled.

Technical Details:

  • Automatic texturing
  • Many demonstration map
  • Many instances (different bioms)
  • Packed textures
  • Layer customization parameters
  • Blend customization parameters
  • Many usefull functions
  • Easy setup
  • Modularity

Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances:

  • 1 main materials with inctances.
  • 1 technical material with instances.

Number of Textures:

  • Many different layers, of 2 textures in each (Grass, Soil, 2 Rock, Snow, …)
  • 1 macro texture
  • Many default texture

Texture Resolutions: 4096

For demonstration material used PBR packed *.exr textures. 1 layer 2 textures, they are packed - Color, Roughness, Normal map, Height map. If you use sRGB textures (jpg, tga, png), the conversion function from linear color to sRGB is built into the layer material function “MF_BcRNmD”. It is called “MF_LinearColor_to_sRGBColor”. It will be necessary to switch the outputs to it.

For questions: Discord

Marketplace: AutoMat in Materials - UE Marketplace

PS: Procedural Grass made solely to demonstrate how to work with her masks. There are ready-made and much better implementations. Which is easy to embed in this material.

AutoMat tutorial:

  1. Create new map, RVT setup, add Layer_00:
    Automat 4.26.2 - 01.Create new map, RVT setup, add Layer_00 - YouTube

  2. Add Layer_01, add Layer_02, add Layer_03, add Layer_04:
    Automat 4.26.2 - 02.Add Layer_01, add Layer_02, add Layer_03, add Layer_04 - YouTube

  3. Layers setup:
    Automat 4.26.2 - 03.Layers Setup - YouTube

  4. Add procedural Rocks, RVT setup, Megascans integration:
    Automat 4.26.2 - 04.Add procedural Rocks, RVT Setup, Megascans Integration - YouTube

  5. Add fog and change light:
    Automat 4.26.2 - 05.Add fog and change light - YouTube

Soon … Ultra Dynamic Sky integration:
Soon … Project Nature integration:


  • Packing textures: I highly recommend for Roughness and Displacement maps, before you combine them in alpha channels with color and normal maps, stretch their range from 0 to 1, for example in Photoshop - AutoTone. So you will increase their quality, and the tools for adjusting them are in the material.

Ultra Dynamic Sky integration:

Added preset map from tutorial - Desert:

Added Kauai map, demonstration of work only Splat Maps:

In the next update swamp biom preset map “Pantanal”: