Autodesk vs unreal 4 professional advice wantes

I know I need autodesk for the unreal engine: for animation. But what if I want to create buildings and everything else that a average game maker would think. What’s the pros and cons? For example using unreal to make glass or autodesk, vs buildings etc. Etc.

You don’t have to use Autodesk software for UE4. You can use Blender for example.

UE4 is not suitable as a modeling tool, it has very limited functionality to create geometry and you’re better off modeling everything in a separate program like 3ds Max/Maya/Blender and then importing into UE4. The geometry tools in UE4 are best used to block out the level before you replace it with your detailed meshes that you have imported.

Also you may want to take a look at SideFX Houdini. An awesome piece of software and there is a free PLE available. They also offer a UE4 plugin. Haven´t tried the plugin, yet.
But it goes beyond a standard export/import process.