Autodesk Shotgun integration out of Beta for 4.24?

Hi Epic team,
We’d like to use Shotgun and Unreal for our pipeline but it seems to be still in Beta according to the docs:…tounrealeditor
Could you please let us know what’s the status of this feature and when we can expect it to be out of Beta?

Also, and this is a more general question for anybody who’s been using Shotgun and Unreal, is it possible to publish anything from Unreal to Shotgun besides Static Meshes and movies of Level Sequences as indicated in the docs?
What about Materials for lookdev or even Levels for lighting and layout?
I know you can do version tracking with Perforce and such but it would great to do version tracking within Shotgun to have a unified platform between Unreal and the other softwares.

Hi all,
I would love to get a final answer about this.

Any update on this?